How Alberta Health Services Transforms EMS Data into Business Intelligence

As Canada’s first and largest province wide, fully integrated health system, Alberta Health Services (AHS) needs accurate and current data to help it make strategic decisions that keep citizens safe. However, without universal data definitions, standardized processes, and connected systems for the services’ EMS operations, the agency’s data was inconsistent, not unified, and difficult to assess.

Needing a better way to verify incident data, reduce report creation times, and improve reporting quality, AHS required a data management solution that would address its demand for accurate and complex reporting.

Discover how AHS uses Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety to address its demand for accurate, timely, and highly consistent complex data reporting. Learn how the agency uses Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety to house its I/CAD data in a single repository, apply standardized business intelligence rules, and improve productivity ten-fold.

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