HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series: Equipping Police and Emergency Services with Support They Need

In an era of unprecedented change and disruption, how do public safety agencies overcome the burden of legacy technologies and pivot to digital transformation? How can cities and regions equip their police and emergency services with the support they need to build trust and keep citizens safe?

Register now for the HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series, where public safety industry experts will discuss key issues and trends impacting police, fire, and emergency medical services, and communications centersin a time of uncertainty.

The series will take place June 8, 10, 15, and 17. There’s no charge to attend, and it doesn’t require a large time commitment; attendees can log in on the days and for the sessions they want.

Public safety topics we’ll cover during the series include:

  • How to turn data into a strategic asset for transparency and accountability
  • The role of IT transformation in organizational and cultural transformation
  • How to overcome hurdles to real collaboration across city services
  • How to use assistive AI to protect the safety and well-being of frontline employees
  • Improving performance from citizen contact through incident resolution

Here’s a look at some of the sessions that will be featured in the HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series.

Shaping a Resilient London with the Met Police

June 8

London’s Metropolitan Police are in the midst of a digital transformation. Key to this transformation is the Met’s Future Contact Centre, which will handle telephone and digital contact, including Next Generation 999/112.

Learn how technology renovations can help drive organizational changes in this one-on-one discussion with Chief Superintendent Dave Jackson from the Metropolitan Police.

Tools to Build & Maintain Community Trust

June 10

The relationships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve have never been as challenging as they are today. Creating transparency is essential to rebuilding trust.

In this session, we will explore ways to leverage technology to better report and engage with communities – and how future technologies will advance those efforts. Orleans Parish Communication District Executive Director Tyrell Morris joins this frank, engaging discussion.

See the Unseen: Assistive AI for Public Safety

June 15

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most disruptive innovation in a generation. It is quickly becoming an essential component in many industries, including public safety. But there are still many challenges to overcome before public safety agencies can adopt AI in their daily operations. In an industry where every second counts, AI that helps public safety officials do their job more efficiently is not only welcomed, but necessary.

In this session join Jack Williams from Hexagon and Rick Zack from Microsoft as they discuss the power of assistive AI for enhancing public safety response. Jack and Rick will cover how to overcome challenges to reap the benefits of adopting AI technologies to speed response, lessen burdens on personnel, and increase safety for first responders and the public.

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The HxGN Resiliency Series isn’t just another webinar; it’s informative sessions, panel discussions, and one-on-one interviews in an interactive environment across multiple time zones around the world. Log in on the days and for the sessions you want. Watch, participate, and take away ideas you can use.

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