Interoperability, Communications, and Emergency Management: A Collaborative Discussion

This year’s Resilience Canada Conference, which will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, will focus on a variety of topics and issues surrounding emergency management and natural disasters, such as the recent Fort McMurray wildfires.

With the continuous growth and expansion of building, utilities, and roadway infrastructure, there’s also added risks when responding to and managing wildfires, rail disasters, flooding in urban areas, winter storms, and widespread electrical power disruptions. Governing bodies and agencies for cities, provinces, states, and countries are starting to understand the importance of properly planning for these types of events as well as also learning lessons from crisis events and natural disasters. Governing bodies and agencies are also learning that such events can provide invaluable insights for building resilience, creating response plans, and mitigating collateral damages in the future.

During the Resilience Canada Conference, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure will be hosting a panel discussion called, “Interoperability, Communications, and Emergency Management: A Collaborative Discussion” on Wednesday, April 26 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The panel will feature Doug Odney, acting commander, Calgary 9-1-1; Dave Mitchell, previously the director of operations, E-Comm; Shawn Corrigan, business development executive,Emergency Management at Calian; and Rob Van Gastel, business development consultant, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. Here’s a preview of what the panel will discuss:

  • Implementing new emergency planning, response, and management technology
  • Creating communications interoperability among multiple response agencies
  • Building resilient programs for emergency management
  • Harnessing innovation and current tech trends
  • Taking strategic approaches to mature an organization’s emergency management programs

If you’re interested in joining your peers and connecting with emergency management experts on a broad range of issues, join us at this year’s event! Experts will be sharing insights from the Fort McMurray wildfire, what factors contribute to a community’s resilience in the face of a major disaster, what gives communities the capacity to survive, and best practices to adapt to and bounce back from a crisis or disaster. If you have any questions about the conference or our session, please feel free to email me.

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