Podcast: New Name, New Website, Same Great Company

What’s all the buzz about the new Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure? Well, if you haven’t heard, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure is now Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.  If you are wondering why the name change and what does it mean, then today we’ll answer your questions. Also, find out more about their new website and what it means for you in this HxGN Radio podcast with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Vice President of Global Marketing Kerry Fehrenbach.

Laura Beth: Welcome to HxGN Radio. This is your host Laura Beth Ezzell.  Thank you for joining us for today’s podcast episode, where we’ll discuss the recent Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure name change and new website. This podcast is brought to you by Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

In today’s podcast, we are talking to Kerry Fehrenbach. She is the vice president of global marketing for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. Kerry, thank you for joining us.

Kerry: Thank you Laura Beth.

Laura Beth: Kerry, Intergraph SG&I recently changed its name to Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. At the same time, your team also launched a new global website. Many may have questions about this new name and website. Give us some insight into why the name change and discuss this new and exciting website. First, just tell us the reasoning behind changing the name of Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure to now, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

Kerry: We have been a Hexagon brand for five years. It was time to more closely align ourselves with our parent company. As part of Hexagon, we’ve been able to make acquisitions and pursue partnerships to more quickly bring innovations to our market. Hexagon is about shaping smart change, and we think the new name, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, will affirm to our customers that we are about shaping smart change too. We will continue to grow and deliver solutions that enable them to better solve their challenges every day.

Laura Beth: Kerry, the Intergraph name is very well known. Will it still be used anywhere?

Kerry: Yes, we are keeping Intergraph as our product brand. All our products will reference the Intergraph name and carry the Intergraph logo. We are proud of our Intergraph heritage, and the name carries a lot of brand equity at the product level.

Laura Beth: On top of a name change, people will definitely ask, “Does a name change orrebrand change anything internally?”

Kerry: No, we are still the same company inside. We still have great employees and great products and we’ll continue to offer the same outstanding service that our customers are accustomed to.

Laura Beth: Let’s turn now to the new Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure website. What can you tell us about this new website?

Kerry: We have a completely new mobile-responsive website that reflects our new name, new logo and new look and feel. It is www.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com. We will no longer share a site with Intergraph PP&M. All of the content on the new Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure website has been refreshed. We will continually update the site with relevant industry and product information, articles, news, client successes and more, so check it out.

Laura Beth: Obviously a new website is a big project, but it’s been a long time coming. What are some reasons behind launching a new website?

Kerry: User experience was the number one reason. Our website was nearly nine years old with dated design that limited our ability to put forward information in a way our visitors needed. We were just not meeting our customers’ expected digital experience. The new website is mobile responsive to any size mobile device. When you are a technology company selling mobile applications, it is pretty important you demonstrate that you really know how this stuff works. We also needed to simplify our visitors’ journey. Intergraph has operated as two separate divisions in extremely different industries. Our old site had a divisional designation that required additional and unnecessary steps to get to the needed information.

This is just phase one of our website. We have more than 25 country websites in various languages. Phase two, moving to a language site, will ensure our customers around the world get the same information wherever they are.

Laura Beth: What benefits will this new website bring visitors who come to the new Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure website?

Kerry: Again, our goal with the new website is to provide our visitors with an easier way to learn about our services and solutions and browse information; to read case studies that highlight customer stories and the resulting benefits. We want them to visit often and check for updates, because our content will continuously change.

Laura Beth: Kerry is there anything I haven’t asked you that you would like to share with our audience?

Kerry: Yes, we want to hear from our customers and our visitors. As part of the rebrand all of our social channels have changed as well. Everyone should visit our new website, so they can join our new channels. An additional benefit to this is that our social channels will be dedicated to Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, so visitors won’t be bothered with information from our other divisions. We want to engage our visitors. More importantly, we want them to let us know if we are providing the relevant information they are looking for.

Laura Beth: Kerry, we appreciate your time today and thank you for being our guest. You can learn more about Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure by visiting their website at www.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com.

Tune in to more episodes from HxGN Radio on iTunes or SoundCloud, or visit hxgnnews.com for more stories from Hexagon’s global network of brands. Thanks for listening.

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