Pure Force: Searching for a Single CAD System with Everything in It

Pure Force and Rescue Corporation (Pure Force) – a private organization supporting public safety in the Philippines – envisioned such a CAD system; a centralized emergency response system that police, fire, rescue, and ambulance services could rely on. The organization also dreamed of creating one nationwide emergency phone number.

Pure Force found the answer in Intergraph’s industry-leading Computer-Aided Dispatch system (I/CAD) which delivers the precise solutions that Pure Force needed. I/CAD will provide Pure Force with powerful incident response and management capabilities in real-time.

Pure Force’s command center will have one common operating picture that facilitates the sharing of critical information between agencies in different municipalities around the country. Rescue and relief efforts can be quickly assessed and responded to with the nearest and most appropriate public safety agencies and services.

By leveraging Intergraph’s software solutions, Pure Force will enable citizens to call for help using one emergency phone number or a mobile app, regardless of the city they are located in. Pure Force will connect citizens to emergency services instantly.

Find out how Intergraph’s public safety solutions serve as the foundation for Pure Force’s operations, helping the country build safer and more secured communities.

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